Quito – highest capital in the Andes

2.850m above sea level in the middle of Andean mountains and volcano’s: there is Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The highest capital in the world (La Paz in Bolivia is much higher at 3.600/4.000m – but it is not the capital of Bolivia). My last stop on my Ecuador travel and I spend almost 3 days here. At least 3 nights, in which I went to new modern restaurants (Zazu [rather established and not so cool…] URKO, Laboratorio), to get a taste of the modern Quito.

Of course I explored the artsy and innovative neighborhood of La Floresta, the old town (UNESCO World Heritage Centre) and went up the mountains with the Teleferico to get a got all-round view on the city.

Quito, very much like other capitals in South America, has a huge part of poor and very poor neighborhoods, a lot of run-down buildings and not the money (or willingness) to maintain them – despite some signature buildings in the old town and churches.

What I really liked here was the energy of the alternative young scene in La Floresta: street-art and other modern technique artists, modern & innovative kitchens and modern fashion stuff (e.g. Hecho en Ecuado / Vulgomaestre). I really hope this guys keep the spirit up despite the difficult economical conditions (dollarization….).



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