In Venice on Abbot Kinney

I love this street! Packed with little boutique stores, special food stores – so much to see, so many “typical L.A. stuff”. I think I spend almost an hour in a “luxury” supermarket and could not stop being amazed about all the products. And even more – the prices… Who the f*** needs “Organic Parasite Cleanse” pills if one shops in an all organic store for expensive money? Why would one pay $12 for a little bottle of coconut water drink with kefir, $8 for a Tonic or $5,99 for a collagen protein bar? Crazy 🙂

But on Abbot Kinney you also find super cool stores like TOMS (buy a pair of shoes and one pair is donated to those in need), same for WarbyParker (glasses & sun glasses) or the fantastic new essential oil brands from Canada named Saje. If in L.A. / Venice – stroll down Abbot Kinney Boulevard!



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