Up and coming: Downtown L.A.

Downtown L.A. used to be a dirt hole, and for sure in some corners it still is. But downtown also has an up- and coming hipster scene. The art district with its galleries (like the Swiss "Hauser & Wirth"), lots of hipster coffee shops and overpriced hipster boutiques. That all basically two blocks away from … Continue reading Up and coming: Downtown L.A.


Quito – highest capital in the Andes

2.850m above sea level in the middle of Andean mountains and volcano's: there is Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The highest capital in the world (La Paz in Bolivia is much higher at 3.600/4.000m - but it is not the capital of Bolivia). My last stop on my Ecuador travel and I spend almost 3 … Continue reading Quito – highest capital in the Andes

Street-art in Quito’s La Floresta

La Florestra is a nice residential area, filled with lots of street-art, nice cozy cafés. Happy to experience this area and stroll through the streets, since this is not at all typical for South American cities. I enjoyed a very nice 3 hour walking tour and got so much insights into Quito, La Florestra, a … Continue reading Street-art in Quito’s La Floresta

Beautiful city Cuenca and the “Panama” hat

A very picturesque city in the southern part of Ecuador is Cuenca. Located at 2.500 m after descending from the Southern Central Highlands, just about 40 min from Cajas National Park. Gorgeous old houses, cathedral and various churches.Cuenca is the “home” of the Panama hat. I really did not know, that the hat origins in … Continue reading Beautiful city Cuenca and the “Panama” hat

La Paz: City carved in high andean mountains

This is La Paz, seat of government of Bolivia - but not the capital! (this is Sucre). Located at an elevation between 4.600m (El Alto) and 3.600m, beautifully carved into the mountains, connected by 4 teleferico (cable cars) lines, great views, on of the most impressive cemeteries with views overlooking the city, but also one … Continue reading La Paz: City carved in high andean mountains