Otavalo and around

A day-trip to Otaval,mostly known for its indigenous market, is one of the most popular trips from Quito. I decided to spend a little more time in the region, to combine: Otavalo + indigenous market Train trip to the North (touristy, I know - but I like train rides) Cotocachi Volcano and Cuicocha Laguna - horseback … Continue reading Otavalo and around


Mountain Biking at Cotopaxi volcano

Biking Dutchman? Really? Well... despite the name (insider joke, nothing against the Dutch!!) I opted-in for a full-day bike tour at Cotopaxi volcano. Almost did not make it to the tour: a) the day before I incurred an eye infection due to flying sand during the Quilotoa hike and b) they almost forgot to pick … Continue reading Mountain Biking at Cotopaxi volcano

Day hike to Laguna Quilotoa

Laguna Quilotoa is a volcanic crater lake at 3.800 m, located within the active volcano Quilotoa, last major eruption over 850 years ago. We hopped on a truck at 9 am in the morning: a 45 min drive to Quilotoa. There we started our hike around the crater rim. And of course we happened to … Continue reading Day hike to Laguna Quilotoa

Four hour hike in Toachi Canyon

I'm amazed by Canyon's. Most of the time they are very well hidden, carved into the rocks by strong natural forces, very steep or less steep, with high plateaus or without. This one here is certainly not as impressive as the Colca Canyon that I hiked in Peru, yet it was still worth a hike. … Continue reading Four hour hike in Toachi Canyon

Hiking the “Skywalk”

A short, approx. 2-hour hike starting directly from Black Sheep Inn, lead me down into a canyon, along the canyon - including sheep's on the way -  up through a tiny rock chasm, and... I was rewarded with a steep view down into the canyon on the other side. Walking along the path is nothing … Continue reading Hiking the “Skywalk”

Baños (de Agua Santa) and volcano Tungurahua

Leaving Riobamba with a short glimpse of Chimborazo volcano in the back. Arrived in Banos in the valley next to Tungurahua (5.023m), an active volcano located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador, at the northern end of Sanguay National Park. The busride, which went around the volcano, revealed the geological structures formed by the past … Continue reading Baños (de Agua Santa) and volcano Tungurahua

A walk in the park: 1 day hike in Cajas National Park

As soon as I pass through mountains I want to hike them. With a guided day tour I went to Cajas National Park. The hike starts at Laguna Llaviuci (3.100m), close to the Park's entrance and marks the park`s lowest elevation area. Thus, the vegetation here is mainly cloud / mountain forest. Very tropical, yet … Continue reading A walk in the park: 1 day hike in Cajas National Park

From Guayaquil to Cuenca

Off I go by mini van. 12USD for the approx 3.5 hour journey to Cuenca. The journey is quick and pleasant, although we drive through massive fog. We ascend from sea level in Guayaquil into the mountains, passing the highest point at 4.100m and descent to 2.600m in Cuenca. On the way I see again … Continue reading From Guayaquil to Cuenca